Friday, 31 July 2009

stripey boys

These little boys were a delight to watch and draw, hunting for little starfish in the rock pools. This painting is in pastel on paper.

A little portrait of my grandaughter in pastel

out and about

Funny how sometimes I want to write daily, in fact almost NEED to post daily, and yet sometimes chunks of time drift by with - well, nothing that I want to say. Mainly lately, this has been because I've felt generally under the weather and quite cranky and grumpy about it. Nothing serious, simply a relentless series of sore throat/blocked nose/cough/tiredness and general lack of get up and go. This is turn has made me feel - well, a bit depressed. Not clinically depressed, but, you know, like I'm dragging my own little black cloud around with me. Totally unlike me.
For about 8 months now this has gone on, and I finally cracked a fortnight ago and dragged myself to the doctors. Feeling dreadful, and looking worse, I drooped into the surgery, staring at the doc's feet as he held the door open for me. Flopping onto the chair, I heard: "'Ello, 'ow can I 'elp you?' in ze chocolate brown (and unfamiliar) French accent. My (puffy and red-rimmed) eyes lifted to take in a face to match ze gorgeous accent. I found myself wishing I'd put some make-up on...
Anywhoo, a few days away last week in West Wales camping in my lovely little van has perked me up a little, lots of fresh air, fresh fruit and veg and sleeping, just what ze lovely french docteur (ought to have) prescribed. Ok, it rained, quite a lot as it happened, the campsite was like the Somme, but I was snug as a bug in my van, and Scribble had a lovely time (see photo of him sleeping in like a teenager on my bed, cheeky monkey! he's not allowed to do that at home)
Since I've been back, I've felt my energy returning slowly, although I'm still unaccountably very prone to tiredness - and don't even think about telling me it's my age, grrr... I've got on with some really nice work which I'm pleased with, sales have rocketed, and things are looking generally much better.
Clearly I need to go away much more often......