Friday, 17 October 2008

Sculpture - A Whole New Direction!

I have just returned from a most enjoyable 3 days sculpture course.  I have never done any 3D work, and was staggered to achieve beautiful results, (see photos), with excellent traditional tuition from tutor Christine Baxter:
 My back is killing me from driving 4 hours round trip every day, and my waistline has expanded due to Christine's wonderful home baked goodies, (esp the walnut and date cake) but I am so happy!! (can you tell).
I know that thinking more three dimensionally will help my 2D drawing, but also, my head is full of things I want to sculpt.
Back next week for a casting course.  Watch this space....

Sunday Painter

After a busy day cleaning up the lifeguard clubhouse from a great party the night before, and ticking off a few jobs, I had time to nip over to Cowbridge and spend a quiet hour or so, tucked away in a corner painting. It had been a gorgeous sunny day, felt like summer - but the sun was low in the sky.  The shadows were longer than I'd wanted, but the slices and blocks of sunshine almost made up for that.
Afterwards I dashed over to Ogmore to catch the sunset - I had a commission to do another sunset pochade after selling the first one.  The sunset was awesome.  A strong, dumping surfline showed purple against the spun copper and turquoise sea.  There were so many people on the beach, watching the sun sink.  I love living this close to the coast.  I am so lucky!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Tenby Harbour Pochade en situ

So enjoyed painting this little pochade - I love my pochade box.  It has opened up a whole new world for me.  I keep my rucksack ready and packed, including a ball for Scribble, poo bags etc, and a little flask to hand ready to fill with coffee, I am always ready to take advantage of a brief change in the weather or reckless desire to get outside!
I could hear people talking about me as they walked past, which always makes me laugh.   Anyway, it prompted me to paint a cartoon card for my niece Stephanie's birthday, of me and Mum painting overlooking the harbour, and Scribble beside us industriously painting away at a little easel.  Two people walk past saying" oh look, that dog is such an amateur, he's only using WATERCOLOURS!"
I need more painting trips!!!!!!!

Tenby Harbour pochade

a few pochades of late

Tenby - so inspiring, I love it.  Managed a week at the end of August, even though the weather was foul - but it cleared up for the last few days, and was hot enough to sit outside without wearing my entire wardrobe.
I have so much reference material now, but always keen to pop back for a painting trip.  I sold my pochade pic of Tenby Harbour almost immediately, and I don't think I photographed it, what a pain.