Thursday, 11 September 2008

Another Sunny Day - could this be summer?

Struggled rather with this painting - changing light and couldn't quite get to grips with the ledges of rock formation, then couldn't get the colours of the rock pool when the light hit it. But, it was a lovely morning, and it's good to be challenged. 
Scribble enjoyed himself,and amused himself dropping his ball in the rockpools when he wasn't looking and then fishing it out again.
Home then to complete the very large commission I have on the easel. I'm so enjoying this particular work. I have caught myself gazing at it admiringly from the lounge in the evening. How sad am I....I shall, as usual, be sorry to see it go off to it's new home. 
They start to feel like part of the family, these children, and their images become terribly familiar to me over the weeks. 

I once did a surprise cartoon for a man that I later met at a function, and convinced that I knew him, I smiled and nodded, to his bemusement. 
I couldn't think where I knew him from, and eventually he came over to me, probably wondering who the mad smiling and nodding woman was, and we went through this whole rigmarole of where I might have met him as he clearly had no recollection of me......until I mentioned that I was an artist, and then the penny dropped!

Monday, 8 September 2008

Cardiff Bay on an unexpected dry day

Hmm. Don't laugh.  I've been laid up with......GOUT.  Blimmin excruciating actually.  Anyway, yesterday, the drugs kicked in and I took myself and my trusty pochade box off to Cardiff Bay and had a lovely day pottering around the Bay - I even went for a boat ride.  I tucked myself away to paint, feeling suddenly shy amongst the crowds of people - but was inundated by passersby asking to have a look, and then telling me how their children/grandchildren/man next door paint.  In the past, they have then asked me what paint I am using, and upon hearing the reply - watercolour, acrylic or pastel, they then inform me smugly that their children/grandchildren/man next door paint in OILS. A REAL Painter, is the implication.
This time, when they asked "is it acrylic??" I airily replied - "oh no, OILS of course...." I actually caught myself doing it. Smug bitch.
I returned with a whole raft of inspiration for my body of work that I intend for the Spring Fair in Feb 09. Watch this space.

Monday, 1 September 2008

A Sunny Day!!!

Can't believe it - a sunny day.  So I'm planning to walk Scribble along the cliffs, but just thought I'd show you what I've been up to.  This is the beginnings of a commission I'm  enjoying, a large oil on canvas about 40" x 30".  The background is the last thing to be blocked in - the sand is too orangey, and needs toning down, the sky is too greenish blue. The sea is a reasonable start, and a good base for adding movement and waves too. Likewise, the coast needs attention and looks very stark and contrasty.  I am pleased with the children, however, as the brief was not too be too 'portraity', actually, easier said than done, but a real discipline required to keep the brushstrokes loose all over, and not get bogged down with facial detail.  I will look forward to settling down with it later, and hope to complete it within the week.  Then I am off to the Lake District to do some pochade painting, and Nordic Walk a Lakeland Trails race at Derwentwater.  Only 10  miles - after my 45 mile event last year, should be a walk in the park (hills).  So why am I feeling so apprehensive.......