Monday, 4 August 2008

a frustrating day

A frustrating day, spent driving around Cardiff, trying to find
parking somewhere near the city centre so I can collect a painting.
It was supposed to be a quick trip, collect an order of mounts, and
then go out to paint for the afternoon. Dropped stuff off to studio,
got home, took an order for prints from a gallery, looked at pouring
rain outside, and checked e.mails. Big mistake. Need to upload
images to website and other galleries. Still raining, so shelve plans
to go out for a bit. Website off sick, so e.mail web designer to find
out why. Time passes while we try to sort it out. Have lifeguard
club committee meeting tonight at the beach, so decide to go early
with newly packed rucksack containing brand spanking new pochade box,
and test it out on top of the cliff. New e.mail message says meeting
cancelled. It rains again. Bugger it. I decide to paint indoors,
and go out tomorrow instead!

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