Monday, 15 June 2009

I just bought a new van, and I am thrilled with it! it's a Romahome Dimension 2, dinky - only 16ft 4", with shower, loo, fridge and cooker etc, fantastically well set out and just perfect in every way. I road tested in Dale, Pembs, the weekend after I collected it, slept in all the beds - enormous double or 2 singles, had a shower, used the oven, grill and burners, and the diesel heater, and it was all wonderful.
My neighbours keep finding me out there in it. Not quite going brrm brrm, but not far off....
And it's crowning glory is, I've had it signwritten - by Harrisgraphics in Porthcawl, and now it looks really funky to boot. See if you can spot it!!!! I'm planning to get out more and paint, staying away from home. More pochades!
I'm hoping that by directing traffic to my website, people will choose to buy online rather than in person from my gallery, which isn't open when I'm not there. That way, i can get out more and paint. That's the plan, anyway.

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